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Default Re: Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1936

Originally Posted by Mr. Will View Post
Jumpers have a good connection, that is not the issue. Thanks for verifying the senders compatibility.

I'm wondering if the wire from the gauge to the sender on the vehicle may be bad or grounding as I did not disconnected it when jumping straight to the gauge?
Any other suggestions or is it possible I just got a bad sender?
If the wire going to your gauge was contacting metal along the way, it would show "full" all the time on the dash gauge as I recall.
NOS does not necessarily mean a functional part. Sometimes it means it was returned because it was defective and somehow managed to get placed back in stock.
I'd suggest by-passing the car's wire to the sending unit and making 100% certain that you have a good ground at the sender. That'll tell you if your NOS unit is operating properly.
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