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Default Re: Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1936

Originally Posted by JSeery View Post
How are you testing it?
Originally Posted by petehoovie View Post
If its that you installed it in the tank of your '36 and it gave you incorrect readings its probably due to the float arm not being the correct length - too long or too shory....

I didn't install the sender, I tested outside the vehicle using jump wires for the lead and the ground at the tank, and yes it is positive ground. Then used the jump wires connected directly to the gauge. One jumper from the lead on the sender to the gauge and the other from the positive side of the battery to the mounting plate on the sender and got the same results, which tells me I don't have a issue with the wire going to the tank.

When I hooked the sender up with the jumpers I put the float all the way up in the full position and the gauge was reading Empty. Then I turned on the ignition switch and the gauge would immediately move to full then would start to drop. Sometimes to 3/4 or 1/2 then would shoot back up to Full while still holding the arm in the Full position. If I tried to move the arm down to say 1/2 the gauge would drop to empty and if i moved the arm back up to the full position the gauge would not respond until I turned the ignition off, wait a minute then turn the ignition back on the gauge sometimes would not respond or would shoot to full. The best I can explain it is it acted erratic.

I guess what my main question here is, should this sender be compatible with my gauge? Or is it possible my gauge is not working properly. To my understanding a gauge will either work or not and mine seems to be working?
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