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Default Re: 59 AB camshaft install Help

Originally Posted by rottenron36 View Post
Had a couple of flat lobes on a stock 59 AB cam. got a nice used 59 cam to replace it. lifters out, oil pump out. Cam is most of the way in, lacking about 1/2". Won't go in the rest of the way. Never done this before. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong, or need to do. Thanks Ron

Sounds like the oil pump idler gear may be the reason the cam is not going in the rest of the way. If you remove the rear cover on the block you can turn the idler gear so the gear teeth line up. Or another way would be turn the crankshaft while pushing on the cam gear at the same time. The cam oil drive gear teeth will eventually line up with the idler gear then the cam will fall right in nicely.
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