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Originally Posted by mrtexas View Post
Crank mounted fan would be near center of radiator. But there is room in front of the deflector only for the radiator and not the condenser. Pusher would be top 16 inches of radiator. Pullers would be in bottom 10 inches of radiator. Radiator is around 24 inches tall.
If crank-mounted fan is above bottom tank, that placement is optimum. Is that radiator clean inside? I'm not sure why you're having a hard time cooling the engine. Whatever you do, don't let temptation situate that condenser behind the radiator. The result will turn-out to be "not cool" (couldn't resist that).

By any chance, is there some sort of abnormal blockage at lower, rear of engine compartment hindering the exhausting of hot air out the bottom, rear of engine compartment? DD

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