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Originally Posted by mrtexas View Post
I'm assuming the sheet metal in front of the radiator is necessary for hood fitment?

Looking at the rounded rise and curvature of that sheet metal panel, as well as the rubber-looking gasket/seal on top of it, and comparing that shape with the curved external body shape of the blue hood below, that assembly seems to be an air dam of sorts when the hood is closed and the inner hood conforms to the top of that dam. This is designed to prevent HOT air that has already passed thru the radiator from being forced back forward OVER the top of that dam, only to be sucked thru the radiator a higher temperature. Same purpose as the flat block-off plates that we '40 Ford guys install horizontally between the top of grill and upper radiator tank.

Seems like a crank-mounted fan would be too low. I would never put a condenser behind the radiator. Doing so would have hot air from radiator trying to remove heat from the condenser. Ambient air should be 80 to 100 degrees below condenser temp on a hot day. DD


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