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Default Electric fans

I know this is not flathead related but lots of hot rod experience here as well. I have a 41 flathead in addition to a hot rod 49. Have a 49 hot rod woody with Ford 302 v8. It came with a 16 inch pusher fan. No room for a crank pulley fan, engine needs to be a couple inches back for that and I don't feel like moving the engine back, modify the firewall, modify steering, cut the driveshaft, new motor mounts, new transmission mounts. When I added AC it started to heat up, maybe overheat. Guy from Walker radiator said Vintage Air condenser blocks air flow too much so bought a Walker condenser that is bigger.

So cruising the web pusher electric fan not near as good as puller? I started the car up yesterday and got the pusher fan running. Sure enough there was a LOT of air hitting my chest even though the fan was pushing thru the radiator. Even removed the DC motor fan to make sure it was turning the right way.

Well the crank pulley is less than an inch from the radiator so not much room for a 16 inch Spal puller fan that is 2 inches thick in the low profile version. So I measured the space for multiple smaller fans. I can fit 3 9 inch fans. Turns out 3 9 inch fans move as much air as a single 16 inch fan. Also amps of 3 9 inch fans 22 anps pretty close to 16 inch fan amps of 21. Will verify the smaller fans fit tomorrow.

So I went to my favorite sheet metal shop and had a fan shroud made up today. I'll put two of the puller fans across the bottom and one fan on the top driver side as in the picture. Have enough room to dodge the serpentine fan belt which is 2 inches from the radiator. Not enough room for 4 nine inch fans either, could put a 7 1/2 inch 4th fan but then 5 more amps.

Some web sites said you need 2500cfm for a v8 but 16 inch fans which seem to be the biggest available only put out 2000cfm. 13# radiator cap. What would max water temp be for that?

What about the passenger side of the fan shroud? Leave it blocked off or put a hole in it to let air flow thru the radiator?
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