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Default Re: My junkyard find

i have a lathe, so i always grind off the weld, and the cut them in the lathe. i have 4 that are exact height to get a ford a few inches off the ground, but in truth i seldom use them. front axle is ok because you can place them at the wishbone mount and they will not move. rear axle is another matter. the tube is slanted, steel on steel slides easily, you cant put it out far enough to get solid against the spring perch or brake plate without hitting the tire on the ground, and it'll slide on the tube if not up against something. i have some giant bolts, about 2" shank, maybe 3" wrench, coarse thread, but no nuts. i always thought i would make some female threaded plates to weld on the diff tubes for the bolts, and top them with a piece of oak or other wood, but...its pretty far down the list

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