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Default Re: 1940-1948 Torque tube interchange

Originally Posted by 19Fordy View Post
The BIG GREEN BOOK on page 131 shows part number part # 6A 4504 Tube assy (torque)-with bearing.cup and grease retainer, passenger 1941-48.
There is no spline count given for this listing.

It also shows 68-4504 Tube Assy. (Torque) with bearing cup and grease
retainer - used with 6 spline pinion, Pass, Comm, 1937-41.

It is not clear to me the actual difference between these two part number listings.

"4504" is Ford language for a TORQUE TUBE. Without the GREEN BOOK in front of me, I'd be inclined to guess that the "68-4504 Tube Assy." listing is actually "68A-4504", the "A" signifying Pass & Comm. The "68" indicates 1936 as the first year for this application, which applied to production years 1936 thru 1940 LENGTHWISE, even though the '38-'40 tubes were subsequently fitted for center bearings.

The "6A-4504" indicates a Pass & Comm torque tube with 1946 being the first year of application. As I wrote in the other post, I have a personal note to myself that '41 t-tube was 2" longer than the '40 and earlier. 1941 Fords had an awful lot of strangely dimensioned, one-off suspension components front AND rear, so....I ain't certain about that '41 length! Guaranteed though, the '40 is different in length than the '42 thru '48 t-tube, as the wheelbase increased in '41 over the '40 models! DD

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