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Default Re: Model A car names

Naming Vehicles.

I had 5 trucks to load my cropduster aeroplanes, they all had a number. No one could remember which was which including myself. So I gave them all names. There was Chick e Babe, Spuds, Wharfie, Freddy and Scrooge. That stopped all confusion.
My roadster ute I named “Woofa.Express” after a dog I had with 100% character and personality. He was not permitted in house or car with the exception of the ute and Woofa concidered this his birth right. Woofa was skittled chasing another dog and I’m still grieving 3 year later. So in his honour I named this vehicle Woofa.Express. My tourer is “Desert Sands light” and resembles what we all would call “Olive” thus the name Olive. My dog “Fugs” is to have the Roadster Coupe named after him “Fugs Limo”. My FX Holden is to go to my daughter Sarah. (each of my kids has been promised a vintage). Sarah was born in ’74, (the year cattle prices collapsed). Because neither my wife and my self could agree on a name the two finalist names were put in a hat and Sarah’s name was drawn. But in the interim, because she was born on Bastille day she was called Fifi. Now at 46 she is still Fifi. So the FX Holden is named “Fifi’s Carriage”.

As a footnote, our kids are nick named Mushy, Moo, Fifi and Turtle. My friend Johnny tells me Turtle was an unfortunate pick because that’s what a girl is called; one who gets on her back and can’t get back on her feet so easily.
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