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Default Re: What revs at 60MPH

WHN, spot on.
I have a 1926 Model T Touring that I feel comfortable at 25 to 30. It will do more, but it is not a very good feeling when someone pulls in front of you and hits their brakes! You also need to take in account that the T, has not only awful brakes compared to a modern car, it also has a plate glass windshield and no seat belts.
My A, feels comfortable at 45. Yes, it will go faster, however, I have no seat belts in it, nor care to think how well the brakes may work in a panic stop.
When I think about the different eras of cars, I feel more comfortable as I go through the decades. For example, my favorite vehicle is a 1966 Mercedes 230SL. It is getting close to what some may consider modern, but let me assure you, that I drive it like it were an antique. There is noway this car can compare to something made in this century.
As far as planes are concerned, same thing. My 1946 Piper J3, hardly compares to my Van's RV4. And for that matter, the RV4 is kind of getting old at 31.
The truth of the matter is, everyone really needs to stop and think what kind of performance they should expect from an antique motor driven vehicle, before they venture out into the real world.
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