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Default Re: What revs at 60MPH

60 plus years of owning Model A’s and I have never been over 50 mph, never.

I respect everyone saying that they drive all day at ???, but remember these cars are now 90 years old. They are true antiques.

There has been a rash of WWII plane crashes lately. Including one at Bradley involving a B17. We were at the airport awaiting our flight when that happened.

The point I would like to make is that no matter how well restored your car or plane is, they are still Antiques. There are many very good reasons that air planes and motor cars have changed over the years. To many to list here.

Put your Model A next to a 2020 car. Which one would you really truly feel safe driving at 67 mph on a highway.

I would like to think that most of these conversations are war stories or fairy tails.

Enjoy your car for what it is.

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