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Default Re: What revs at 60MPH

Model A's must meet 4 criteria, or I consider them deficient and unsafe:
1. Be able to panic stop by locking-up all 4 wheels;
2. Cruise at 55 mph with some throttle remaining;
3. Have working turn signals;
4. Must have modern lighting, i.e., LED tail lights and halogen or LED headlights.
Your Model A needs to be able to lockup all 4 wheels in an emergency stop. If it cannot, or you are afraid to jam-on its brakes, these pose serious driving hazards.
Driving below 50 mph in traffic is hazardous.
If you consider those skinny Model A tires unsafe, then put V8 wheels and tires on your Model A.
Hand signals and incandescent tail lights are dangerous in traffic.
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