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Default Re: Logolites opinions

I am 77, and I still remember from my youth being instructed to avoid looking directly at on-coming headlights. Modern cars will all have LEDs in the near future, so you all need to adjust to them.

Nobody says how well or not the LED headlights illuminate the road ahead. A scientific comparison of headlights bulbs is necessary including the original incandescent bulbs, halogens and LEDs.

My Model A's have halogen headlights in one and sealed beams behind the original lenses in the other. Both are better than the original bulbs in my opinion.

Focusing is not totally a function of the headlight light sources. The reflectors have a major role in shaping and aiming the light beams.

Focusing is a big deal when incandescent bulbs are used because the light filaments are off-center in the reflectors, and incandescent light has a flood light distribution. The same goes for halogen bulbs. LEDs are very directional, so an array of LEDs in one bulb is necessary to get a flood light distribution in the reflector similar to the output of the original incandescent bulbs.
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