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Default Re: Logolites opinions

I have them and use them. They put out tons of illumination, but I can not get them to focus properly in the same pattern as the 50/50 or 50/32cp incandescents. Lots of info on Ford Barn on them if you do a search. I rarely drive at night, but also use them fulltime as daytime driving lights. Other drivers definitely notice and see you.

One of the main issues is the way they are constructed. The are 4 horizontal rows of leds, Two upper rows, and 2 lower rows. On high beam all 4 rows are on, but for low beam 1 upper row and 1 lower row are on. This gives you half the illumination, but ignores that only the lower row(rows) should be on for high beam, and the upper rows should be on for low beam so the light emitted can be properly focused by the headlight shell and glass lens on low beam.

Additionally the rows of LEDs are not completely horizontal, and can not be adjusted. No adjustability might be due to the replacement reflectors/integrated socket holder I have. Perhaps original design reflectors/socket and other repops are adjustable. However the incandescents do fit horizontal, so the locating pins on the logo lite bulbs are not correct.
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