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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Exhilarating and Embarrassing.

You know what teenage kids are like, especially girls. Always embarrassed about their parents. Yes?
We have a daughter named Sarah. But when she was born my wife Patsy and I couldn’t agree on a name. Her birthday was July 14th 1974. Now that just happened Bastille day (185 years before). The French equivalent to the American 4th July. So being Bastille day she was, in the interim, nick named Fifi. She still wears that name today.
Fifi always had plenty of friends visit and the first question they always asked was “Gary, would you please take us for a ride in your old car”? The car being my 1928 Tourer (Phaeton).
Yes, of course I would. They’d all pile in. Up the road we’d go hiooogaring and waving at oncoming cars pretending we knew them. One could plainly see the confusion on the faces of the oncoming drivers.. The visiting girls getting right in the spirit. Fifi sliding below seat level with embarrassment. Then up town. Hiooogaring at any boys on the footpath. And waving like mad. Under the seat again for Fifi..
God, you can be an embarrassment dad.! I heard that so many times.
A footnote about Fifi. She grew up rebellious and defiant. Gave us more headaches than any of our other three kids. For example she was issued 11 parking offences on one street. She may have thought the parking inspectors would run out of pencils and couldn’t book her any more. Two drink driving offences, she lost her driver’slicence and had to walk. She became fit and thin and still is today. Well Fifi grew into a good citizen, hard working, respectful and considerate of others,successful in business and a loving mother to two happy and disciplined kids. I have great respect for her and am most proud of her. We get along so well now.
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