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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

One last story before our National Meet starting on Tuesday.
Happy little kids, Happy big kids.

I have 2 A’s plus a 1950 GM Holden in our yard, being prepared for the biannual meet. We depart tomorrow.
Late in the avo I saw a few kids walking down the road outside my front entrance. I invited them in, the few kids that is. Well there must have been another 30 following right behind that I did not see. In all I had what appeared to be 40 including adults in the yard crawling in and over the cars. I am not overly protective with the cars and they weren’t damaging them so that was okay. One of the adults showed me an on phone picture of his roadster and I immediately accused him of murder. On a closer inspection I saw it was a Chev so gave him a reprieve.
Isn’t it good that kids can enjoy an experience like that. And the big kids as well. A woman in the neighbourhood who owns an MGB says there’s a child in us all.
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