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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I'm off to our Biannual meet on Sunday our time.

Our national biannual Model A meet starts in 4 days at the South Australian town of Murray Bridge. We can make it in one day okay but have elected to take 2 and enjoy the trip. When last I spoke to the conveners I was told some 120 vehicles had registered. No I guess the vehicles canít register but the owners would have.
Murray Bridge was named for the obvious reason. The Murray /Darling rivers being Australiaís longest river system. The town has a population of 18K. It is an agricultural service centre for the grain and grape industries plus a retirement centre for farmers who donít wish to live in Adelaide, even though Adelaide is a delightful city with a population of only1.2 mil and itís like stepping back in time.
I have been writing a short story each day and have enjoyed doing so. It could be nearly a fortnight before I write again. Iíll leave you with a small trivia story. Cheers, gary.

Shop attendant asking for payment.

That will be $16 (say).
No, I reply, thatís not correct. And they add up again and say $16. And again I say thatís not correct.
Well what is it?
ďItís $16 please.Ē

I remember a lad omitting the please. Dad looking on and watching with some degree of concern and uncertainty, but when I hit the lad with my punch line there was no doubt the smile on dadís face showed his approval of his customers lesson to his boy.
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