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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Deniliquin in the Riverina, NSW.

A town with a population on 8K and each October the population doubles when utes from near and far drive to a dedicated function on a farm near the town. Itís the Deni Ute Muster. A weekend of entertainment with well known entertainers performing on stage. A weekend of fun and laughter and happy times. A weekend of drinking and drunks a plenty. Or a weekend of nonsense and misbehaviour. One has a choice of which one or more one joins in with. A policeman told me only yesterday that the very drunk along with the nuisances are compounded in the ďpig penĒ and even though some canít scratch themselves they are never discourteous or disrespectful. Thatís unusual he tells me but itís an event made up almost entirely of country kids and big country kids.
Last year some 1800 utes turned up. Slightly smaller than usual and thatís probably because the weather was rotten. Many attendees enjoyed doing their ďcircle workĒ in the mud instead of the dust.
Some years back a local wine maker used my ute (woofa express) to sell wine from. He entered it in the competition for vintage and won. Some years later the muster committee asked if they could put it on display and that was okay by me.
At vintage motor car gatherings many vehicles have a notice posted inviting people to look but not to touch. I have a sign saying do look and if you like it you are welcome to fondle. I take people for rides and let people drive. It was a heap of shit when I bought it and it can be restored yet again if damaged. It never is. Itís for me to enjoy and I get enjoyment by letting others enjoy themselves too.

Tomorrow the history of the vehicle as told by the wine maker. Part 1
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