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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

The Biggest Lies of All.

Outside the government’s press releases and parliamentary statements the biggest lies of all are -

About the size of fish particularly the ones that got away.

About the yields of crops including potential yields of crops not harvested for one reason or another.

By reading the Barn I think some contributors dream about the speed of their A’s. Some owners claim such high speeds they are approaching the sound barrier.

About the speed of aeroplanes. At times the story teller adds a tail wind component to indicated airspeed and states ground speed as true airspeed. Sometimes they just lie.

My statement is challenged.

Today’s story is of a challenge issued to me by my ag operator friend Robby Robbilliard who operates out of Griffith NSW. It goes like this.
One day Robby’s dad Bert calls by (early 90’s). A social call enroute to Griffith. I take Bert to my hanger for a look in. I have this horney looking Bonanza and I say to Bert, “go and tell Robby I have a faster aeroplane than his”. Robby has a twin Comanche.

Bert departs. The drive time to Griffith is and hour and 52 minutes. An hour and 53 minutes later I get a call from Robby. “so you reckon your aeroplane is faster than mine. Challenge you to a pylon race and winner takes all”
I consulted several people who own or have owned both types. The consensus I got was the Bonanza would just knock off the twin Comanche. A well known engine rebuilder told me to use an additive, it may have been methanol, I don’t recall. Then I would definitely synch theComanche.
Well I’m not a betting man. I neither wanted Robby’s aeroplane nor did I wish to loose mine. We never did partake of that competition but we did talk about it for years. Who would have won. Still we each claim our respective aeroplane to be the fastest. The Twin Comanche is internet sauced and the Bonanza is mine.
Robby is still my friend. Sometime I must tell you about Robby’s big boat.
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