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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Todays story 8 hours away. In the interim here is a piece of trivia.

Stupid and foolish common sayings that develop.

Yes, we all know some don’t we. My favourite is when you walk up to a counter in a shop or wait in a cue and make it to the front to be asked “you right there?” After suffering those fools for a long time I have come up with the perfect answer.
With a smile and in courtesy I respond “No, I’m waiting to be served”
Question. Is that the best answer.?

Sometimes I get a smile when the shop keeper realises their foolish question and sometimes I get a scowl.
Either way I get a smile.

I know many things,
But I don't know everything,
Sometimes I forget things.

And there are times when I have a long memory.

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