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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Well it appears to be true.

I heard a story of kids pranking on a stationary radar vehicle. Mischievous pay back fun. An old timer bus driver told me the same story and said he knew the story to be correct, so here it is.
Strathmerton is a small village about 15 miles south of us here in Tocumwal and has a population of about 1K. The local farming is dairying and a large cheese factory is located in Strathy. The highway runs through the town with a speed limit of 80kms per hour (48mph). The highway patrol (highway men) employ contractors throughout Victoria who set up speed cameras in stationary vehicles with darkened windows; mafia style. Well I suppose the two bodies have the same endeavour. Theft.
A group of town kids went and talked to the operator to distract his attention whilst one removed the number plate from the rear of the vehicle.
They departed the scene and attached the plate to the rear of their vehicle and what do you think they did?
Yes. They made numerous passes past the radar vehicle at speeds exceeding the limit. It is said that the contracting authority sent themselves speed infringement notices.
Good one kids.
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