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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Changes in the Ag industry in the last 25 years, Part 2

A new addition to agplanes is the turbine engine. I say new but I guess it happened25 years ago. Turbine engines. Reliability nearly 100%. One can relax without the continual thought of engine failure. There have been other big changes too. Many farmers talk of the good old days. I do too. Whilst at times farmers marking with flags would drive one crazy but it was nice to work with someone and not in isolation as we do today with all that electronic and computer stuff that us oldies have difficulty in understanding.
Now audits seem to be common and one needs I.D. just to step onto a local shire or government aerodrome. Oldies find it irritating and unnecessary. To get a pilot medical now requires substantial information from the applicant to CASA via internet. Miss a dot and it’s not accepted. The authorised doctors who do medicals have become irritated with it and cancelled their approvals.
If I was to apply for an aerial work licence, like I used to hold, I doubt if I would be qualified because I do not tick all the boxes they now require. Not enough courses. These are worthless courses and ratings. Passed tests on the computer that relate to irrelevant things. It helps to have these approvals and commendations plus courses on macramé framed and hung on the wall of your office. An exampleof stupidity is the fire department. They require pilots to complete a “cockpit resource management course” which is how to communicate well with your cockpit crew. Fire bombers have a small cockpit with only one seat. I can no longer be bothered with such nonsense. Old timer Pat Warburton tells me he too has had enough of this stupidity and retired.

Is this world becoming more stupid and unnecessarily so. I think it is.
What do you think?

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