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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Well I asked for coffee and a bacon and egg roll. The bloke serving looked at me like I two heads so I asked if there was something wrong. Yes, we don’t have that.
Okay, do you have bacon and eggs? Yes. Do you have bread rolls? Yes. Well then you have a bacon and egg roll.
No, the bread rolls are for lunch.!
I had a similar experience one time.
We sat down and the waiter asked if we would like something to drink, I asked for a glass of water, luke warm. He served ice water to my friends and went to the kitchen and came back w/the cook (chef?).
The cook said "We don't have warm water."
I asked: "Do you have hot water?", answer: "yes",
"Do you have cold water?" "Yes",
"What happens when you mix them?". They both suddenly had stunned looks on their faces.

FWIW, I don't normally like to drink cold water. Cold beer or pop is OK, but not water.
Play it again Sam.

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