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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Robo asked for it.

John Robertson is an excavator contractor in the NSW town of Finley. Always full of life and cheek too. Well one day I was spraying a rice crop for Jim Casey. Spraying for grass commonly known as barnyard grass. The herbicide was Ordram. After spraying this odour will come from the water for 5 days and stinks. Really stinks. However it is not toxic as such.
Each time I turned the aeroplane to do a return run I’d get the fingers. John made sure I saw him by acting like a clown. With John was a farmer and his name is Paul Sexton. Paul may have thought Robo’s behaviour was funny but he Paul, wasn’t endeavouring to offend me. Well I needed to get even with Robo so when I finished the paddock I left about 5 gallons in the aeroplane hopper and flew at them. Robo then presented the fingers from both hands. He didn’t know what was coming and about 30 yards I opened the dump lever (ie jettison) and they both wore it. Well they were quite wet and very smelly. Both jumped into the irrigation channel in an endeavour to clean up. Robo went home, washed his clothes 3 times then burned them.
Now Paul had a new ute. The windows were wound down. Ordram entered the cab in the right hand side and wet everything. A little came out the left hand window. Sexo gave the cab a good washout with a pressure hose. At the time of writing that was at least 30 years ago.Sexo says he can still smell it on a warm day.
After that,on every occasion Robo spotted me he lifted the boom on his excavator as high as it would extend in an endeavour to keep me as far away as possible. We are still on good terms but never again did he endeavour to attract my attention. He kept his hands in his pockets, so to speak.

The picture is simply internet sort.
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