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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

A Cropdusters Type endorsement.

I took a drive to Wee Waa airstrip to find Craig Patton had just arrived in his beautifully built RV7.

I looked over this desirable aeroplane with both admiration of Craig's workmanship and with some degree of envy. One thing was wrong with it and that is it is parked in Craig’s shed and not mine.

And of course the question had to be asked. “can I take it for a fly Craig?”.

Yes of course Gary.

So I strapped myself in and Craig said “I’ll give you an endorsement Gary”

“of course Craig”. (again this stupid, but now out-dated licence on each individual aeroplane. it involved a comprehensive explanation of fuel system and capacity and much unimportant nonsense.)

“Line up he said, and pointing to the throttle said “push this forward”

I looked curiously at Craig and he said “That is Gary, the exact same endorsement as you gave me on your Agcat all those years ago.” he turned and walked off. In both the Agcat endorsement and RV7 endorsement what do you tell an experience pilot. The incident was really quite humourous to two old friends who were really laughing at the "endorsement" bullshit.
When I returned not only Craig but it seemed like half the company staff were there laughing about "Craig's endorsement".

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