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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Good day to you all. I am away from home and this story is unprepared and unedited, granted I am the editor.
In the late 80's I crashed my aeroplane which was and AgCat, a biplane. I had failure in the master rod of a Pratt R985. When that happens the engine trashes itself and ceases, in my case even the propellor stopped turning. I was only 4 feet off the ground when I knew I was in trouble, I climbed to about 50 feet and turned to an airstrip only half mile away. Then it quit. The immediate area was contoured and now where to land. I decided to hit the ground and bounce over a small irrigation chanel. As I got closer about 3 seconds following the decision I saw a suspension fence but had to take it. Well I damaged the aeroplane quite badly. Did you know that one can think quickly and clearly in an emergency situation.
It was rebuilt but never performed greatly after that. An operator not far away hired an ace from California to make some repairs for him so this fellow came to my base and made adjustments for me too.
He took photos of me at my aeroplane and I asked why I was an attraction. "Well it's the way you dress" he said. I was wearing shorts, work boots, heavy work shirt and a wide primed hat. He told me that where he lived they used to, years ago dress like that, but now they dress modern, a bit like "Top Gun".
Us oldies just don't do it right do we?
I have worked as a fire bomber and yes that "modern flying attire" has got here too. Next week I'll tell you a story about a fellow at a fire bombing site who refused to feed me because "you don't look like a pilot to me".
It's bluff and it's bullshit. Regrettably that's the modern world.
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