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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Rodney Rocket Mouth.

A transponder is a radio devise installed in aeroplanes to transmit the position and altitude.
I was enroute to Malaysia with an overnight stop in Darwin. I had been advised I could not enter Darwin controlled airspace (CTA) because I was not transponder equipped. I was to descend below the control steps and enter the lowest level which was about 10 miles from the airport. Cropdusters have the minimum radio and navigation equipment and a transponder is what none of us have.
Well I was at 14,000 feet and thought I’d give Darwin a try for entry anyway. I was GPS equipped and that gave an exact fix. I gave Darwin control a call and requested clearance. It was declined. Stay outside control airspace (OCTA). I gave my distance to Darwin and asked how far I had to run to controlled airspace. There was a pause and another voice came back almost screaming so fast I had difficulty in understanding. “you were told to stay OCTA”.
Yes I replied. I am asking how far I have to run to CTA. Darwin replied “oh sorry mate”. Then nothing.
Darwin I said, how far to run to CTA.? Then came the answer to the question I was asking, “oh, 30 miles” came the reply.
Thankyou. Now if you talked slower I would understand you and you would make my job easier.
Then the laughter and ridicule and slander started.I took offence. They, other pilots are having a go at me I figured. Then I got it. No they weren’t. I listened some more.Then I understood. That was all intended for the Darwin controller. “You have Rodney Rocket mouth mate.” Yeh, he’s the base idiot said another. And it continued for a while. I descended to 1500 feet inbound.
Well at 10miles Rodney Rocket Mouth gave me the clearance to enter controlled airspace and again on long final instructions to switch to tower frequency. And again speaking like a Gatling gun. I said again just speak slowly. He responded but I didn’t understand except for the last 2 words.“I’ll try”.
Darwin is a military base. All controllers are military. My son who frequents Darwin says their skill is ordinary. However I must admit I enter CTA maybe twice a year and my skill in navigating the formal procedures could be pretty needy too.
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