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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by Robert/Texas View Post
My first Model A story ends sadly. I bought a '28 roadster in 1954 from a young lady who had inherited it from her grandfather who was the original owner. It was in solid condition but had been brush painted red and had 17" wire wheels. It ran well and I owned it for about two years. Once I tried to find out how fast it would go and the engine blew a rod through the pan and destroyed the block. Sears was selling rebuilt short blocks for $35.00 so I went to Sears on South Main in Houston. Lucky me, they were closing them out and three were left for $5.00 each. I bought one and three of us got the car running again in about three hours using a chain and a person on each end of a 2x4. When I decided to sell the car in order to buy a '32 Model B pickup, an acquaintance offered me $100 for it which is what it originally cost me. The sad thing is that he decided to make a hotrod out of it and cut off the fenders and completely dismantled the car. While that was going on he joined the navy and I never heard from him or found what happened to the car.
He should have been made accountable and had up for murder.
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