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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Model A meet compared to Ag pilot meeting.

When pilots and vintage car owners meet the companionship and camaraderie are comparable.But one thing is different. Will come to that. My first A national meeting was Adelaide, South Australia. Now I’m not an urban person but I like Adelaide more than any other Australian capital. It’s slower and the city has 1 mile of bushland surrounding the central business area. It has old period buildings much of it sand stone and has a nice feel about it.
Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city and has a population of 1.33 mil at the 2017 census.The name Adelaide comesfrom the copy and paste below.
The city of Adelaide was named after Queen Adelaide, theconsort of King William IV of England. Adelaide was born in 1792, the eldest daughter of the duke of Saxe-Meiningen. She married William, thenthe Duke of Clarence, in 1818.
The city was planned and designed by Colonel Light who was South Australia’s surveyor general.
Well about the presentation meeting. Venue was an up market hotel. We were seated at round tables and in the centre were many bottles of both red and white wine. South Australia has, in my opinion the best wine in Australia.
The food.What a great selection of excellent fish, meats, vegetables and salads. Self help,smorgasbord. Tables of food. I have never seen such a quantity disappear so quickly. Neither had the hotel staff.They kept bring more and more. It just went. Deserts the same. Second and third helpings. One could never forget the appetitesat that presentation dinner.
Compare that to the ag pilots convention. The wine would be cleaned up. Other drinks too, mainly beer. More and more. Yes we would eat but by comparison we could not hold acandle to the hunger of the Model A enthusiasts. Pilots have a fire down their neck which needs to be extinguished. Model A drivers don’t seem to.
The next national meeting is in October this year at Murray Bridge , South Australia. Murray Bridge is on, as the name suggests, on the Murray River. It’s our longest river system and is frequently called “the Mighty Murray”. We are basically a dry continent so when Americans are told the Mighty Murray they have a laugh when they see it. It’s tiny by comparison to great rivers that drain the central area of the U.S. I live on the river bank at a town named Tocumwal and the river is the state boundary between Victoria and N.S.W.

Details ofthe coming meet are available from the South Australian model A club. It’s the25th National. I can’t cut and paste details because past experience from emails just won’t print. Try this address
I’m not in the South Australian club so I can’t invite you but I’m sure that they will. Give it a go.
I understand 180 A' owners have registered. Other vehicles will attend also. That's a big meet for us. Remember our population is 25 million. A link to the official meet data is below.
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