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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Arrogant Boss Man.

Weeds in a cotton crop compete for moisture and nutrients. They also contaminate the cotton sample. Weeds are manually chipped out by teams who walk through the crop hoeing these weeds. (See footnote at end of this story)
However today cotton (did you know cotton is a hibiscus) has been bred to tolerate roundup and thus eliminating costly hand cleaned crops. The cotton is known as“roundup ready”.
About 10 years ago I was working at Wee Waa, which is a cotton growing area in central NSW. This day I had flown, loaded ready to start spraying, to a nearby crop and found it to be occupied by chippers. I flew low over them and beckoned themto vacate. They walked out at a pace comparable to that of my 3 year old granddaughter. When they were out I commenced spraying.
When I returned to base the operator owner asked what had occurred. The boss chipper had phoned and abused him of having his pilot nearly take off the heads of workers in his gang. I called the boss man and I too was abused and he said he was going to call the EPA and CASA.
I fixed him.I called those two authorities and spoke of an aeroplane nearly taking off the heads of farm workers. Were they interested in taking the complaint? Yes,that’s our job the EPA man told me with great delight. The CASA man was moremanaged and certainly more mature.
They then asked where I fitted in. I am the pilot I advised. Both said it was unusual that the pilot should call and said they didn’t think they would investigate. I insisted in a strong but courteous manner that they did so because they were there to protect me as well as chippers and bystanders.
Both the operator and other pilots said I shouldn't do that. They had always been subservient to EPA and CASA and other complainants.
Both departments called later in the day and said the chipper boss did not wish totake action.
I enjoyed calling the chipper boss man. Told him not to mess with me again. And that’s not the way I normally speak. He hadn’t expected me to call those authoritiesand was considerably less arrogant with me.


Today cotton is genetically modified to accept not only roundup but modified to resist heliothis which you might know as the boll weevil. Remember the song from the50’s about the boll weevil needing a home? Spraying has been reduced by up to 20 applications. And “greenies” are still against GM cotton as well as crops that are consumed. As for “organic”foodstuffs, the market is for gullible consumers.

Some groups of people are easily poisoned. The most prone are council and governmentworkers. They call the media then health authorities then a lawyer then take prolonged sickies.

CASA isCivil Aviation Safety Authorities. (They hangout in city based “ivory towers”).

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