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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by GerryAllen View Post
Must be something about pilots, I was told by the school councillor to take auto-motives in high school so when I got kicked out, I could get a job changing oil. Instead headed to the local airport, got a job after school pulling airplanes in and out of the hangar. When not tugging aircraft around was washing, polishing and vacuuming them. By the time I finished high school had my commercial pilots license, never looked back. Heard later the councilor was speechless and most of the teachers were cheering me on.
When my aviation career ended I retired with 22,380 hours, flew the older Boeings including B747s and traveled all around the world. Must be something said for being slow and focused he he he.
I could tell stories about what some real sharp class mates ended up doing, suffice to say I am quite happy with my career choice. God Bless you all.
Gerry Allen, Birch Bay Wa

that was a most pleasing post Allan. I had tomorrows story planned however I will change it to a story of my children. you should relate to it. Do send me your email address and I'll muster up some photogaphs and post in return.
each year I host a morning tea and luncheon for old cropdusters. those of us who sprayed DDT. That was abolished about 81. There was no mark up in this insecticide and manufacturers didn't defend it as they wanted to move new products they had patents on. Bigger markup.
The direction aviation is taking is of concern. More computer controlled aspects to cover unskilled pilots. That's airlines not ag. My kids keep me informed and I see this in accident reports. Ag is becoming more computer , not control but monitoring. ag to me is like riding a bike. I have had 50 years of it this July. but I mess up the computers used for tracking and monitoring. The, look I'll continue in an email, cheers, gary
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