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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

William the Conqueror 1066
When I wasin primary school we learned history. I can recall how frequently we weretaught ‘William the Conqueror, 1066’. I haven’t forgotten.
But whatwasn’t told to me was just who this William was. I did learn however, at theage of about 60. He was a Frenchman who invaded England and had a scrap withthe poms. He, the frog, in his 21 year reignnever learned to speak English and so new words were introduced. We continuemany of these words today. William never learned to speak English and a gobblegook language was born. This did wear off over years and it could have beenhundreds of years. Except. Except one surviving western industry still usesthis stupid language. The legal industry. That’s why it is almost impossible totranslate legal jargon to simple everyday easy to understand English.
In 1968 Ilearned to become an agricultural pilot. Amongst the pesticides we used was afamily called ‘organic phosphates’. Quite toxic. If poisoned by ingestion onewas to take orally ‘ipecac syrup. At times when spraying insects out bush Ialways gave thought to where our closest supplier of ipecac syrup might belocated. Pharmacist or hospital and time it would take to acquire some. Somelocations were more than two hours drive away.
It took atleast 40 years of curiosity to get to the bottom of why this treatment?
Ipecac syrupinduces vomiting. Why the hell didn’t these instructors tell us that years ago?We always filled the correct answer in any exam papers we were required to sit.
Two hoursdrive to get this stuff? Two fingers down a victims neck would have providedthe same outcome. Preferably someone else’s fingers. But never the less.
William theConqueror. Ipecac Syrup. To think these teachers and instructors were paid toprovide useless information.
It ispossible that today these people are in industry, carrying clip boards wearingyellow high vis vests and welding considerable authority and acting with superiority.Many of them with CASA. is offline   Reply With Quote