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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Mouse Hunter.

John Lynch was an accomplished pilot and aeroplane builder. He also built perspex canopies for aeroplanes and gliders.
John was a hermit. Lived alone just out of our town of Tocumwal NSW. His property was about 30 acres with an airstrip from which he flew his aeroplane and glider. His front gate was padlocked. I entered by way of landing and taxing up to his door. I enjoyed a chat with him.
John once bragged about his shooting expertise. He says he could shoot a mouse at an incredible distance ‘off the hip’. He became known as the great white mousehunter or mouse hunter for short.
One day a pilot by the name of Terry Walsh and I were flying around in a Beaver. The flight controls are on the left of course but the pole could be flipped to the right. But not the rudder pedals. Here I was flying from the right with the pole and Terry from the left, the pilot seat, with the pedals.
I said lets stop by and say goodday to Mouse Hunter. Everything went normal until touch down. We shot off to the left, over corrected then to the right. And again and again. Big over corrections. Mouse Hunter who was watching this shot off behind his house to avoid being sliced up by the prop just like a loaf of bread. We eventually stopped with propeller turning just where John had been standing.
That night I washed my own underwear so as to avoid my secret getting out.

Conclusion ofthe story. The brain that controls the pole must also be the brain that controls the pedals.

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