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Default Re: tell a Model A related story


My crop dusting buddy, Wayne Cowan, is an operator in central northern Victoria. He runs anAirtractor and a Thrush. His son Andrew is now flying in the business. Wayne mainly loads these days with Andrew flying.

Wayne had a visit by two C.A.S.A. inspectors. Both these no brain, clip board, university graduating inspectors who had just starting to shave had exactly nought experience of ag.operations. They told Wayne they didn’t like his attitude. This didn’t bode well of course nor did it lead to a great conversation and thus report.
Each operatoris required to nominate a ‘chief pilot’ to be responsible for the pilots and operation. Well Wayne had this office revoked. It didn’t bother him greatly. But I have gone off at a tangent to my story.
Wayne called and invited me to take a tour of Tasmania. He with his Ford Mustang and me in my A ute (pickup) and A tourer (phaeton). My younger brother Michael and numerous friends came. By the end of the 8 day event attendees got to know my name. By the end of day 1 everyone knew Michael. He is gregarious.

It was a great rally and the most memorable aspects were the interest shown in the A’s by the oldies. I would take them for a ride and it would have been a memorable event for them. Some of them took the vehicles for a drive. I am not protective about my cars. They were a heap of junk when I purchased them and any mishap could be repaired. People are always hesitant in driving them for fear of damaging them.

Another pleasing aspect I had was giving kids at rally points a ride. They would pile in or ride on the running boards. I would drive in low gear very slowly. They too would remember it for years.

Tassy wasgreat. In some ways it’s a step back to the ’50’s. Locals are relaxed and well mannered. Tassy was also known as Van Deemans Land. In the 1800’s the English dumped their convicts there. To be a descendent was shameful until maybe 30years ago when it became a status. Well my g.g.g. grandfather ended there plus my g.g. grandmother. Theft in both cases. When I am in England, which is not frequent, I thank god that they were thieves and thank the magistrate who transported them.

The only disagreement I had was when I was about to drive on the ferry to cross Bass Strait and get home. An official wanted any materials I had which were flammable.I told her no, she was not getting it. She became argumental and at last demanded to know what I had. A bottle of whiskey I told her. Conversation ended in a friendly manner.
What a great trip. The only mechanical breakdown was one flat tyre.

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