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Default Re: tell a Model A related story


In an earlier post I said even as a kid I always admired the Model A. My first drive of one was when I was 16. It was an unloved coupe, sitting out in the weather at my friends family farm near the cow shed.

My friend and I got it started and headed down the road to the pub. About 15 miles away along a busy road. Busy in those days was about 1 vehicle every 5 minutes.
The minimum ageto enter a pub was 21. Our age would have been very obvious to the publican but he must have liked us, or the money, or both.
It took only about half a dozen beers and we were screaming. Then the drive back. When we saw an approaching car I would set the hand throttle, climb out on the running board still steering the car. Just as we were about to come adjacent to this on coming car I would scream and throw out my arm and leg. We made it back okay. If we had been caught both the cop and my parents would have given us a belting.
With my kids I gave them a ute and told them to teach themselves. They seemed to do okay and they too would do errands around our country roads.However I wasn’tsilly enough to let them drive into town. However today with cops that just delight in writing infringements one just has to comply. Stuffy world.
Well my daughter Sarah used to frequent the pub underage. I had a chat to the local sergeant of police who collected her in the police car, took her to the police station where she got a good dressing down. She never went to the pub again. For 3weeks.
And for my friends Model A. Is it still sitting at the cow shed where it was more than 50 years ago. I do hope someone bought it and provided it with TLC.
I have a Model A for 3 of my kids and a early Holden (Australian GM.) for the other. Sadly they haven't shown a lot of interest in them at this stage. Hope that changes.

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