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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

popular Bob Caldwell

Bob Caldwell was a gentleman. A second generation ag operator in Northern California. It is well documented his dad Byron was one of the very first aerial operators.

Many Australians knew Bob. He married an Australian girl he met whilst on R. & R. whilst serving in Viet Nam. Bob flew each rice season for a local operator in Coleambally NSW and he purchased many aeroplanes for Australian operators including myself.

It is possible to write many chapters on Bob and indeed maybe a whole book, so I’ll try not to run off on a tangent.

Bob flew an Iroquois helicopter in Viet Nam. He was infact shot whilst flying. Alone bullet entered the ear piece of his helmet on the right hand side and made an exit on the left hand side. If Bob did not believe in God at the time Ithink he would have following that shot. For some reason the projectile skirted around the back of the helmet before making the exit.

I can confirm this as I have held the helmet and inspected the entry, track and exit. Difficult to believe? Yes. In the right hand side and out the left. The military stores issued a new helmet and next day returned the damaged one to Bob for him to souvenir.

Sadly Bob’s life ended with prostate cancer when he was only 52.. A propeller stands outside the Coleambally motel where Bob stayed. A memorial to him. His ashes are spread across the rice fields at Coleambally and Williams California.

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