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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I have taken a liking to writing. whilst my aviation stories are not related to my favourite motor car I will post them here. if you don't like them or don't approve just say and I will not post any more. aviation stories that is. here goes.

KhartoumInternational Airport.
In 1977 wehad a drought in Queensland so I worked a cotton season in Sudan, Africa. When an aeroplane service was required weflew into Khartoum. On arrival it was customary to circle the tower before landing. Don’t know why but that's what we did.

One day I didn’t and it wasn’t long before this big black man came and spoke to me.Couldn’t understand a word but when I pointed to the tower I figured I was in trouble.

Yes, I was told, I was a very dangerous pilot. Landed without getting a green verri light.I told the tower man, who spoke good English, that in all the times I landed at Khartoum I had never being given a green verri light and I asked if he would showme. We he messed around in a cupboard and pulled out a mains powered torch with a red light. Please will you show me a green light. Fiddles in the cupboard again and has a green lens in his hand. Screws out the red and inserts the green. But that’s not a green light, that’s half a green light (the lens was broken in about half). He couldn’t produce it and more than 10 minutes had elapsed. I had to write a report on why I was a dangerous pilot.

To depart Khartoum one would taxi to the front of the tower and the controller would step outside and give a wave. One could then depart. One of the pilots was a hardcase Dutchman by the name of Gerard Post. He lied to the controller and said as he was difficult to see he, the controller should wave his handkerchief. (Thecontrollers had hankies infact they were upmarket blokes who had house servants). they had been trained in England. It reminded me all of the movie ‘the magnificent men in their flying machines).

To depart wehad to lodge a flight plan the day before, and before midday otherwise we hadto wait an additional day. This was so the military had time to digest a departing aeroplane and wouldn’t shoot us down. Remember Khartoum is an international airport.

One learned not to have high expectations and not to become anxious about things.
And a foot note. to be trained. that means what monkey sees monkey do. It removes all initiative, character and imagination from monkeys head. strict protocol is to be observed and that is partly the downfall of todays modern workforce. I have taught just a few kids to fly. I always make them think for themselves. I asked them at each manoeuvre what they did correct and what they did wrong and how they would do it next time. As a result my 2 sons became pilots and captains of international airlines, carriers that you all will know. other kids became good cropdusters and have done well.

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