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Default Re: 33 Phaeton questions from Sri Lanka

Originally Posted by ceejay View Post
Thank you every one for your input !! much appreciated !!

Ok so the starter cable may have been on the gauge panel part of the dash you reckon ? next to the amp meter... ok I will look for evidence on a welded up hole there.

Oh I ship huge consignments from the USA all the time... I brought down 3/4 of a 58 Buick and 1/2 a 60 Pontiac for my restorations.
I have a really good shipper who send a container to Sri Lanka every month.
I just need to send what ever parts to their NJ address.

The wheels on my car are quite bad. I see some bent spokes and plenty of evidence of the insides on the hubs being very badly corroded before restoration.

This is the first time I saw a wire wheel where the spokes are permanently fixed to both the hub and the outer rim and they have no nipples to tighten the spokes.

Have a look at the attached photo. Isn't that a good option if a set of new wheels ? I know it is not a Exact replica but it is quite close appearance wise isn't it ?

What would the stock 17" wheel sizes have been ?? 17X what width ? what is the bold pattern and what was the back spacing ?

if very good wheels are available used, that may be an option too but tell me what you guys think of these new wheels
I don't like them for an otherwise restored car. They just don't look right. You should be able to get VERY nice original wheels for what those cost. I would like to see 16 inch bent spoke Kelsey wheels before those.

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