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Default Re: Magneto Headlight Bulbs

Still no help :~(... the volt rating he goes up to is only 12... the OEM "Mazda" bulbs are rated at 18 - I tried 12V bulbs and they blew quick... as soon as the mag voltage went over about 14.

I was thinking of an aircraft bulb (28 V) but (1) I don't know if they'd be bright enough, and (2) I don't know which would have a double contact non-grounded bayonet fitting.

Were it just a bit newer, or I could somehow figure a (safe) way to charge a battery, all would be cool, and I'd run 12v lighting (I've done that for tail and brake lights already) but headlights would sink my battery in under an hour... and I drive my car too much for an hour only of lights!

So... if anyone has any other ideas... I'd even build them myself (like the Aussie gent) *if* I could find the halogen units that were high enough voltage. (I think there *would* be a market for this - limited, but still...)

TIA again,

:~) Sue