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Default Magneto Headlight Bulbs

I was wondering - in the 15, I have a pair of original Mazda bulbs, the ones *for* a mag-lighted car. Right now, I get almost the same lighting i get from my modern iron (I was surporised at this one!!), but I know, eventually, they will go out.

The question is this - when one of these beautied finally "go", is there a modern replacement for them?I'd really like to keep the original electrics on the headlights, and not switch to a battery (they work that good!)

OK, along the same lines (kind of) - I have been trying to find a way to run electrics to my taillight (I have bad luck with oil lights going out), and I found a thingy at Kragens (same as Checker, for those not out here) that is sold as a "shielded License Plate Light" that fits *perfectly* (once you take off the shield and plastic cover) in the chimney of the oil lamps... SInce they were 12 volts, I decided to try my luck powering it from the mag, and it worked well until I went down a hill abd blew it out. It is a single Contact bulb, the next size down from the HL socket... again, any idea what might work there to, again, power it off the mag? (I don't have enough battery to try to power it off the battery).


:~) Susanne