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In the Chicago area it may come pre-fouled from the pump! Weather changes, ground water, and lousy tanks are common. I have a friend with a 'vette and he always carries empty clear glass pint jars, saved from sauce, pickles, etc. When he pulls into a station he fills up 1/2 a jar. If it isn't crystal clear, he pays the 25 cents with his credit card, leaves the jar by the pump, and adds the station to his foul list. One $2,000 non-warranty repair from the dealer made him into a jar collector. If a station has pumps with three grades of gas but one hose, not three, he takes a pass. No way to tell what you are getting in the first 1/2 gallon, other than financially SCREWED. He also adds some $20 a 1/2 pint snake oil the Chevy dealer 'vette specialist pushes for fill-ups with E10. Bend over!
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