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Default Re: Install of 1929 Sport Coupe Belt Rail molding

I used brass screws on the inner rail on mine to avoid future rust. This makes any later removal or adjustments easier (but I hope I will never have to remove it!)As for installing the outer trim, I had a helluva time. All I can suggest is, start from one end, lightly attach it, and work it gently by hand to the other end. Take note of the end tabs and get them in correctly and employ them for alignment. Do not use any hammers or other tools to tap it in place. Gentle and patient hand pressure should allow it to snap into position. A helper to hold the beginning end in place helps.

Also, keep your top fabric to a single thickness. The fit of the outer trim rail is so exact and tight that extra thickness can cause outer rail fitting problems. How they ever did this on a production line is a big mystery to me.
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