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Default Side mount spares - Left, Right, or Both?

After 45 years I'm finally getting around to restoring my late '31 wide bed steel top pickup. Its rough. Mechanically, everything that could wear out is worn out and the body is mostly dents and rust. The bed, rear fenders, and cab are definitely late '31 , but I'm finding the rest of the truck is sort of a mix. The left and right splash aprons are 2 piece like 1930?
The apron nose of the left is spot welded to the left front fender which I guess would be 1930. The right front fender could be a '31 because it was made to be bolted to the right apron nose instead of welded.
The frame appears to be Feb 1929 according to the chassis number.
The front cross member must have been replaced because it is a 30-31 cross member and was fastened with .25" bolts.

My truck is currently set up with side mount spares on both front fenders.
I was wondering what would have been the typical arrangement for the spare tire/s on a closed cab pickup, left, right, or both?

Also, what is the probability that a late '31 pickup would have 2 piece aprons.
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