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Default Re: One of those annoying questions...

Originally Posted by JM 35 Sedan View Post
B&S, I'm wondering which year and model car did you put the 3.54 rear gears into?
Also, which year transmission and what gear combination are you using in the transmission that's in this car?
Car: 32 Cabriolet, full fendered - 25T LZ gears, 39 Box - late style main shaft, gears, synchro, etc..

My problem is compounded due to me running 25T LZ gears in the tranny - which are not the best combination to have with a 3.54 rear. Truth be told the higher ratios of the LZ gearset do noting for performance . . . never did, never will.

BUT - the LZ cluster is the strongest of the 39 box gearsets - though I've managed to hurt them as well. It made me almost cry to see teeth shaved off of my prior 25T cluster (was a NOS gear) . . . but so be it.

Keep in mind that my engine is far from stock and I drive it hard at times. I think the dyno at Bob Ida's was the death of the last cluster. LOL

I spend a lot of time tuning my 39 gear boxes to be the best they can be - with the best parts, tight clearances, correct cluster shafts, etc.. I can't make them any better - but I also can't make them any stronger. They are what they are . . .
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