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Default Re: One of those annoying questions...

Originally Posted by '36 5W View Post
Keeping in mind, the KISS principle, another vote here for the '39
trans. and 3.78 gears for a semi-comfortable cruising speed of 60 Max on hwy.

"(B&S makes a good point re having to shift a lot more on backroads w/ 3.54s, which are hard to find & more $$.)"

(Probably a good thing that your MIL decided against driving the
car; even w/ a '37-40 steering box, the steering would be too "heavy"
for her...)
I haven't found the above statement, in bold, to be true with the changes I've made as described in my first post on this thread. I've done most every type of driving imaginable, and don't find it any more necessary to shift on back roads. My original 21 stud engine has plenty low end torque to increase speed while still in third gear.
Also, I found the 3.54 gears are readily available with 6 spline pinion gears, and no more expensive than 3.78 gears in either 6 or 10 spline . Now 3.54 gears with 10 spline pinion gear are difficult to find and usually quite expensive if/when you do find them.

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