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Default Re: One of those annoying questions...

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
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Originally Posted by Terranova View Post
The short version is “what manual trans should I put behind 8BA in my 36 Fordor?”

1. Let stay with a torque tube drive train.
2. Minimal interference with the trans tunnel/xmember.
3. I’d like to be able to get up to and stay relatively comfortable at 65ish.
Any suggestions?

OK, I'll play! A little over four years ago, our FordBarn friend Heard Saxon decided he wanted to upgrade to a modern O/D type, sweet-shiftin' manual trans in his '35 Ford pick-up with an 8BA. If you should desire to incorporate a T5 into your '36 Ford torque tube, refer to the project that Heard and I devised for his '35, as well as for his '36 3-window coupe to be upgraded in the near future. What we did applies to any '35-'40 Ford car or pick-up chassis. Click on the T5 W/TORQUE TUBE located toward the BOTTOM, LEFT of this post, or click on the link just ABOVE the picture below. Full descriptive plus many pictures. I will happily answer any questions, but please understand: WE SELL NO KIT or PARTS! Teaser picture below!! So Terranova, go get ya a tall, cool one, kick-back, click the link below and enjoy the text and many pics. DD

And PS: When you realize how hard it is to put a REAL, mechanical fan on that 8BA with that LEAN-BACK radiator, we have a nifty solution for that, too!


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