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Default Re: One of those annoying questions...

I would suggest keeping your original top load '36 transmission case with serial #'s that match the frame and installing the later '39-'48 gears with better syncro's. This is essentially the same as a '39 transmission in my opinion. Also, if changing rear gears to 3.54 or 3.78, I would suggest using the later gears with 29 tooth cluster and 15 tooth input gear. I did this on my '35 fordor (Avatar) last Summer along with 3.54 rear gears, and appsolutly love the results. Coming off the line in first and second works so well, and can cruise in third all day at 60-65 mph if I want to.
I really did not care to modify my car in any way that would be required to use a modern overdrive transmission.

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