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Default One of those annoying questions...

The short version is “what manual trans should I put behind 8BA in my 36 Fordor?”

The long version is: Discussions today have led to a redirection on my 36 Fordor project. Yesterday, and for quite awhile now, the plan was to put a Ford AOD behind a my 8BA so that my MIL could drive the car, but today it was decided that the MIL probably wouldn’t want or be able to drive the car.
So now we’re at “let’s put a manual in it.”
Ok. If you were going to put a manual behind an 8BA in a ‘36 Fordor, what would you put there? Im aware that 100 people would give me 99 different answers, so let’s give some parameters.
1. Let stay with a torque tube drive train just out of convenience.
2. Minimal interference with the trans tunnel/xmember.
3. Staying with mechanical brakes for now.
4. The rear is currently stock with 4:11(?) gears but I do have a set of 3:78. I’d like to be able to get up to and stay relatively comfortable at 65ish.
Any suggestions?

Thanks barners.

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