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Your engine components/build make a big difference in sound. I have a '36 Sedan with a '21 stud, 3/4 cam, single carb, with Reds headers and Smithy's. I tried straight pipes but it was just plain loud, and not a good loud, kind of like a tractor with no muffler. With the Smithy's it is much louder than my brother in laws 47 coupe with stock 24 stud and same exhaust. I'm just finishing a '36 coupe with 21 stud bored to 234 cu in, Eddie Meyer heads, Eddie Meyer high rise intake with 2 97's, Potvin Super 3/4 cam, Red's Headers and Porter exhaust---deep rumble, bumpity, bump idle, sounds like a much bigger engine. Each engine will sound a little different--that's half the fun! Rod
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