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Default Re: Question about the ignition coil

If a person doesn't have a good capacitor tester that can test for open, short, or leakage then the easiest way to remedy that is to replace it with a condenser that's known to function normally. To be truthful, the coil situation is about the same. A person can test with a decent quality 1.5 Ohm primary automotive coil. The old Bosch blue coil used to be decent but I don't think they are even blue anymore. NAPA/Echlin ignition products are decent over here but availability in the UK may be a no go. The A&L condensers for Model As are relatively decent quality if you can get one of those. I don't know what all is available in your neck of the woods.

As has been mentioned, make certain that the breaker circuit is in good condition. The connection between the ignition switch, condenser, and points can be compromised if in poor condition. With a movable breaker plate, the connections can easily deteriorate.

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